In Simul8 images can be used to represent objects (like Activities) on the simulation window.

Every object in Simul8 has a default image that is used when a specific image has not been defined.

Select an image for an object by clicking the Graphics button in its dialog. The Graphics dialog shows you the currently selected image. Click the select button to select an existing image to use or click the picture of the current image to edit the image directly.

Images Library Dialog

{{:features:gettingaround:tabs:imagelibrary32.png?nolink|} }Use this dialog to select the image you want to see for the particular Work Item or object in the simulation. Some object types (for example Activities) can have several images associated with them. The particular image displayed depends on the state of the object.

You can also use this dialog to create new images, edit existing images and delete them.

To edit an image (to change what it looks like or its name) click the name of the image and the Detail button or simply click on the picture you see of the image at the bottom of the dialog.

To cancel the use of an image for a particular object, choose the “(Default)” image.

To create a new image that is very similar to an existing image (for example when creating a number of images for animation of Activities) use the Copy button. The currently highlighted image is copied and then edited.

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