Results Manager

The Results Manager is an extension to the KPI Summary and only available with Simul8 Professional.

Access the Results Manager from the home tab.

The Results Manager has 5 sections: KPI Monitor, KPI History, Experiment Builder, All Object Summary and Custom Reports.


The information in the KPI Monitor window is updated at the end of each simulation run (and also at the end of each simulation trial).

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KPI History

The KPI History window provides a summary of results from previous experiments and trials. Each column represents an experiment or trial and the rows reference the KPIs that were recorded for that experiment.

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Experiment Builder

The Experiment Builder is a powerful feature that allows you to run different experiments, with the same simulation, one after the other. The Experiment Builder also manages Trials and collates all results together.

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All Object Results

The All Object Summary provides a list of all results for all objects within the simulation. The tree structure in the left-hand window allows navigation between individual and groups of objects. By selecting the object or group of objects in the left had window those results will be displayed in the main window. If an individual object is selected, then all results that are presented in that objects Results dialog will be displayed in the main window.

Custom Reports

The Custom Reports option allows users to create a number of tailored reports. The Custom Report operates in 2 modes: edit and non-edit mode. The mode is specified via the edit mode checkbox. Clicking Add creates a new custom report that can be re-named.

When in non-edit mode the report is not editable and the report displays the values of results.

When in edit mode, with a custom report selected, Results and Information can be dragged from the left-hand window and positioned onto the main window. The objects that can be added to produce a report include Simulation object Results and properties, Custom Charts, Variables from the Information Store, KPIs (including Trial results) and display graphics including text, shapes and images.

This feature allows users to tailor make as many custom reports as they require to their own specification.

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