Histograms are available showing the time Work Items have waited in queues and the time they have spent in the entire simulation (Click the histogram button in the results dialog for the appropriate Queue or End Point object).

Once opened histograms will stay on the screen until you close them (click the top-left icon and choose CLOSE). Each time the simulation is stopped (or you click the Update Graphs button) the histogram will be updated.

Histograms automatically scale themselves to fit the data in them when they are first opened. If you want to rescale a histogram click Re-Scale in the menu that appears when you click the top left icon in a histogram window.

When new data has appeared in a histogram that is already open and the data is outside the range of the cells created, then the appropriate axis label will appear in red. Re-Scale the histogram using the Re-Scale item in the menu that appears when you click on the icon in the top left corner of the histogram window.

To export the data that makes up the graph ensure the graph is displayed on screen. Then access the Chart properties through the CHART button on the Insert tab. Select the chart of interest and click the Export Data button. The data that makes up the graph can now be pasted into another application such as Excel. Or right click on any open chart and select export data.

If a Trial has been run then the data displayed in the chart is from the last run of the trial.

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