What's new in Simul8 2020?

Across every industry, businesses have access to a huge volumes of data.

Simul8 2020 is focused on seamless import and exports to applications that collect, analyze and show the value of data.

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Database Connections

Rapidly import and export data from/to databases via ODBC.

Our enhanced Database Connections are now compatible with Simul8 for the web and SQL servers. With the rise of digital twins and the Internet of Things, many of our users not only want to populate their simulations with larger data sets, but also to be able to do this in real-time.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new and improved setup wizard and syntax builder to help you build multiple database connections and queries, without the need to use Visual Logic.

You can use this powerful feature to pull in data generated from sources such as ERP systems or production schedules to continually feed your simulations with data. You can also use the syntax builder to quickly populate a query of data sets to import. For example, you might want to only pull in orders expected today.

As with all external connections in Simul8, the results of your simulations can also be exported back to databases.

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Google Sheets Connections

Seamlessly link your simulations to any data source that you have stored in the cloud.

With the rising adoption of cloud-based productivity tools, we’ve implemented a new integration with Google Sheets. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect input data stored in the cloud with your simulations – as well as outputting results to spreadsheets.

Why is this such a game-changer? With the ability to easily collaborate with colleagues to edit spreadsheets in the cloud, this integration will open much more opportunities for rapidly testing different inputs or scenarios. Anyone you have shared a spreadsheet with can update figures, schedules, etc in real-time and these can be pulled through to your simulation with the click of a button.

Setup is simple - to connect your Google Sheet, all you need to do is paste the URL into a dialog box in Simul8!

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Process Mining Import

Import process mining maps from Fluxicon's Disco into Simul8 to start conducting 'what-if' analysis right away.

Process mining has been around since about the early 2000s. We've been following it very closely at Simul8 because we see its potential to radically reduce simulation build time for our users who have increasing access to a wealth of event log data.

Process mining tools take these event logs of data produced by ERP systems, SAS tools, Salesforce or any other workflow management tools and automatically generate a map of your as-is process. You can also see timing information about how long each task takes and even what resources were used to complete tasks.

For Simul8 2020, we’ve added an integration with Disco, a process mining tool from Fluxicon that will give you a seamless flow between these tools. You can take your process map from Disco and directly import it into Simul8, allowing you to very rapidly start experimenting with changes to your current process, or testing it under different scenarios – without having to build the simulation from scratch!

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Onscreen button data imports

Quickly import data via Excel Connections, Databases and Google Sheets Connections using onscreen buttons.

We've now added more functionality to Simul8's onscreen buttons. You can now import data via Excel Connections, databases and Google Sheets Connections just by clicking on an interactive button next to your simulation.

If you're regularly changing data sets, this feature will help simplify and speed up how data can be updated within your simulation. It will also help makes the creation of user interfaces for your simulations faster, enabling stakeholders to easily try changing data sets for themselves.

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Distribution Viewer

Visualize the variability of a 'Named Distribution' before applying it in your simulation.

Many Simul8 users use Named Distributions to define timings like inter-arrival times, activity timings or repair times in their simulations. The new Distribution Viewer feature makes it even easier to define a distribution.

Not only will this new feature help you with the validation of your simulations, but it will also improve the visibility of how data is being applied in the simulation for stakeholders. At a glance, you or your stakeholders will be able to see how the distribution looks and how timings will vary.

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More improvements

Simul8 2020 also brings over 50 enhancements to existing features.

Central Label Editor improvements

  • Erase Action Button has been added
  • Added in Change Over Button to the dialog when you choose an Activity

Resource Pool improvements

  • Now accessible from the Resource Properties tab
  • You can create Resource Pools by selecting the resources you want to pool, right clicking, and selecting Pool Resource.

Added Distribution Detail to Central Label Editor

When a Label action has been assigned to 'Set To', 'Add to' or 'Mult by' the details of the distribution that is being used will now be displayed in the Central Label Editor. This extends what the current Central Label Editor offers by showing how the Label values are being changed. This functionality has also been added to the user created distribution list and will show the distribution details beside the distribution name.

User interface changes to Probability Profiles

We have improved the way users can interact with Probability Profiles. New colors have been used to improve the interface, making it clearer to see the column has been selected. The raw data can now be copied from a Probability Profile and all columns can now be locked or unlocked at the same time.

Visual flag when results are added to Results Manager

Object results that have been added to the Results Manager will now display as bold in the Object Results dialog. This makes it much easier for our users to see if a result has been added to the Results Manager or not.

Visio Import

Simul8 now supports .vsdx Visio files and allows you to seamlessly import your Visio maps.

Table UI Improvements

You can now manually adjust the column and row height in your onscreen tables.

Jobs Matrix

Added a Clear button so that you can quickly clear the data in the Jobs Matrix.

VL Commands

  • Route In Discipline -> Percent
  • Set Route In Percent
  • Get Route In Percent
  • Adjust Route In Percent to 100
  • Import Google Sheets Connection
  • Export Google Sheets Connection
  • Import All Google Sheets Connections
  • Export All Google Sheets Connections


  • Distributions of the same name can no longer be created
  • Probability Profiles will now correctly auto-adjust when some columns are locked
  • Combined distributions can now be used with Time Dependent Distributions
  • Fixes running the Scenario Manager using a spreadsheet before the spreadsheet has been created
  • High resolution fixes
  • Route Out by Condition
  • High Analytics Panel
  • Work Item Tracking
  • Fixes to Tabs
  • Fixes to Scheduled Maintenance
  • Timing by Label Dialog Fixes
  • Label Editor Fixes
  • Fixes to Components
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