Resource Moves With Work Item

Normally, Simul8 Resources are located at Activities only for the duration of a job.

They are released as soon as the job is complete. This means that they are free to move on to do other tasks and cannot transport the item from place to place.

The Detail option inside the Activity Resources option button has 3 options that allow Resources to be controlled more precisely.

Normal: Require and release the Resource here:

The Normal option is the default. The Resource is released as soon as the Work Item is processed.

Require here, but do not Release the resource:

This option attaches the Resource to a Work Item and forces the Resource to travel with the Work Item.

NB: as the Resource is already attached to the Work Item any intermediate Activities that require the Resource should not have their Resource Requirements set. As the Resource is attached to the Work Item the Resource will be required and present by default. If the Resource Requirement is set then 2 Resources will be required to allow the job to start.

Only Release the Resource here:

This option allows the Resource to be released at the end of the job at the Activity.

Display Only:

Display the Resource at this Activity when it is traveling with a Work Item. This means the Resource will be displayed even though it is not directly required by the Activity.

Together these options allow Resources to be used to transport items between work areas. A jig, trolley or other type of transportation device can be simulated in this way.

You can find a simulation example featuring this functionality: Resource_Moves_with_Work_Item.s8