Resource Individuality

This gives very precise control of which Resources will work on individual Work Items.

When to use Resource Individuality

If you have a process where a Resource has worked on a particular Work Item and that same resource is then required to work on that same Work Item later on in the process.

Below is a representation of an Inspection process. There are two Inspectors who decide whether items coming off the production line need rework. If the items need rework it is then required to be reinspected by the same inspector to ensure that the fault that individual found have been fixed.

Therefore if Inspector 1 of the 2 inspectors sends an item for rework you want to ensure that it is inspector 1 who is claimed at the inspection 2 activity.

How to use Resource Individuality

1. Assign the resource as usual to each Activity it is required.
2. Once assigned, select the Activity that the work item is first processed, in this example “Inspection”.
3. Open the Resource Requirements by selecting detail.

4. Under the Individuality Section select remember the individual resource.
NOTE: You will be prompted to select a Label, you do not need to do anything with the label, but Simul8 uses this Label to store information on which resource was used.
5. Now select the Activity further on in the process where you wish to reselect the same Resource used previously, in this case “Inspection 2”
NOTE: You will be prompted again to select a Label; you must select the Label you selected in Step 4.

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