Macro Recorder

The Macro Recorder allows you to record key and mouse clicks and play them back in the same and different models.

This is a powerful feature because it allows you to record a macro for building a simulation and then replay that macro over and over again both in the same simulation or in a new blank simulation.

Go to the Advanced tab and Select the Macro option. Click on Start Recording or press ALT+F8. All mouse clicks and keyboard key presses will be recorded until you stop recording. To Stop recording press ALT+F8 or click the Stop Recording button on the the Advanced tab.

To save the macro, go to the Advanced tab and select the Save option. You can save the macro to a location on your computer. The macro is saved as a .s8m file.

Open a blank simulation and Open the macro you have just created (the open macro option on the Advanced tab). Now play the macro by pressing ALT+F9. Simul8 will notify you when the macro has finished running.