Watch Window

Open the Watch Window through the Visual Logic tab.

The Watch Window allows key pieces of information to be placed into a central location, allowing easy viewing of key inputs and outputs at any time in the simulation run. Its value updates as it changes.

The Watch Window can be docked so it can be left visible as the simulation runs.

Double Click or Right Click and select Insert in the Watch Window to add an entry. This will access the Formula Editor and you can then select any Global Data Item from the Information Store or parameter of an Object listed in the Object list.

Any item created in the Information Store can be added to the Watch Window, by Right Clicking on the Global Data Item in the Information Store.

Double Click on an item in the Watch Window to edit it.

Right Click on an item in the Watch Window and select Stop (debug). This means whenever it's changed through Visual Logic the simulation will stop and you can view the piece of logic that caused the change. If the change isn't made through Visual Logic, run your simulation through the Simulation Monitor and the simulation will stop at the point of change so that you can explore the cause.

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