The following options are available from the Distance tab in Preferences.

Distance Measure

The Distance measure can be set to feet, meters (meters) or an custom distance measure. These settings are used in Simul8 reports and in any dialog that refers to distance.

Travel Times

Travel Times are automatically set up on Routing Arrows by default. Turn this off by checking the “Automatically set-up on new arrows” check box and press the “= Zero” button to remove all travel time information from the existing Routing Arrows in the simulation.

Travel Times will be automatically adjusted as Activities are moved around the simulation window. To prevent this untick the Automatically Adjust as Route Arrow Changes button. This means that as Objects are moved around any Travel Times will remain fixed.

The default Travel Times can be altered. These are used in the calculation of Travel Times as objects are created and placed around the simulation window and will use the distance measure set in the Distance Measure section of the dialog.


The Resources section of the Dialog allows the Mobile Resource functions to be turned off. When option 1 is selected the Mobile Resource functions are turned off so any Resource Travel time functions will be ignored and there will be a speed improvement in the simulation execution.