Removing Sub Windows

Sub windows can be removed by either deleting the window alone or the window and its contents.

The sub window can be removed by opening the sub window and clicking the Simul8 icon in the top left corner to bring up the system menu.

This menu contains the options to either delete this sub-window or the sub-window and its contents. Deleting a sub window and not its contents places all the objects that are in the window onto the the window's parent window (in the same location as they appear on the screen before the sub-window was deleted).

Alternatively, right click on the Sub-Window when it is closed and select “Delete Sub-Window”. This deletes the Sub-Window and its contents.

You cannot delete a sub window if it currently has one or more sub windows itself. Delete these first.

You cannot delete a sub window unless its parent is currently open. Open its parent first.

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