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Display your simulation in 3D.

Object Status
Show a colored square beside each simulation object to indicate it's current status.
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Visual Validation
See the properties of your object onscreen to help you verify your inputs.
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Hot Spots
See the worst performing objects in your simulation.
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The thickness of each routing arrow is changed to let you to compare the number or work items that have traveled down each route visually.
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Additional window to quickly edit commonly used properties for objects.
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Additional window to quickly find objects.
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Quick Launch
Displays Financial information for your simulation and can be customized to create an interface for your simulation.
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Onscreen ruler to measure the distance between objects.
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Magnifying Glass
Zoom in selected areas of the screen.
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Scratch Pad
Add notes and important information like assumptions in your own simulation notepad.

Image Library
Manage the images being used in your simulation.
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Clear All Display+
Clears all the images and text that have been drawn onscreen using display+
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Sub Windows
Sub windows let you create a hierarchical simulation, with some objects placed in separate nested windows.

Create a new sub window Reopen all closed sub windows Close all sub windows

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Displays a grid onscreen to help you line up objects and images onscreen.
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Custom Views

Views automate the process of manipulating the screen to show certain aspects of your simulation.
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Zoom in or out to view more or less detail of an area of your simulation.
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Reset the simulation window back to 100% zoom level.
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