Transform decision-making, no matter your business goals

From day-to-day decisions to strategic transformation, Simul8's fast, intuitive simulation software has enabled thousands of organizations to deliver huge impact.


By industry


Identify, test and implement process improvements - without risk - to maximize output, efficiency and profitability.


Minimize wait times, enhance patient care and win stakeholder buy-in for your process change ideas.


Rapidly design, launch and optimize automotive production programs and facilities to get products to market faster.

Call centres

Effortlessly test multiple process changes to improve call flow, customer satisfaction, staff utilization and profitability.

Pharmaceutical & medical devices

Overcome operational challenges, improve efficiency, increase reimbursement and earn payer buy-in faster.

Supply chain & logistics

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies and confidently plan for external disruptions such as severe weather, shipment delays and fluctuating transport costs.


Make accurate, evidence based decisions in an industry that does not tolerate mistakes.

Business process management

Quickly experiment with business process improvement ideas - risk-free - for enhanced planning, greater efficiency and confident decision making.

Public sector & justice

Understand the long-term impact of policy changes, make evidence-based decisions, improve program outcomes and deliver services more efficiently to the public.


By business goals

Process analysis and improvement

Process analysis and improvement

Simul8 is the perfect tool for analyzing and transforming your business processes.

Process mining

Taking process mining beyond ‘as is’

Don’t just uncover processes, experiment with and improve them.

Digital twins

Rapid, cost-effective digital twins

A practical, cost-effective approach for digital twin decision-making.


Get RPA implementation right first time

Evaluate the return of Robotic Process Automation opportunities without risk.

Digital transformation

Plan effective digital transformation strategies

Radically transform digital efficiency across every aspect of your organization.

Capital investment

Take the guesswork out of capital investment

Make confident capital investment decisions that maximize impact.

New processes

Plan effective new processes and facilities

Ensure proposed processes or facilities will be fit for purpose.

Remove bottlenecks

Pinpoint and eliminate business bottlenecks

Get to the root cause and experiment with changes to fix bottlenecks.

Build business cases

Win stakeholder buy-in for decisions

Build stronger, engaging and evidence-based business cases.

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