Attach Spreadsheet to Work Item

This feature allows you to attach an information store to a Work Item in a similar way to Labels.

Instead of an item carrying information in many labels, the information can now be stored in a spreadsheet that is associated with the Work Item. This allows a large quantity of information to be carried and means it can all be viewed in the one place.

A text label must be created that will be attached to Work Items, and that will carry the name of the information store sheet that is attached to the Work Item. A Set function is used in Visual Logic to set the text label equal to the sheet.


  Set Sheet = "Var1"; this will attach the information store "Var1" to all the Work Items via the label Sheet.

When the information store sheet has been attached to the Work Items, this sheet can be viewed in the Contents Dialog of Activity or Queue properties. The name of the label containing the sheet name is listed in the left column, and the name of the sheet in the right column can be double clicked to open the sheet.

The sheet can also be accessed through visual logic by using a Parameterized call. Create a block of logic that uses a whole sheet parameter, and pass into that parameter a text information store. In the logic calling the Parameterized code (for example, After Loading logic in an Activity) set the text variable to equal the value of the text label containing the sheet. This will pass the sheet into the Parameter and allow the user to examine the contents of the sheet and determine routing/timings etc.