Visual Logic Tab

Time Based
Drop down list of all Visual Logic events in the simulation that occur when the simulation is running.
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Action Based
Drop down list of all Visual Logic events in the simulation that are based on actions occurring.
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Drop down list of all Visual Logic in your simulation.

Time Check VL
Visual logic that is executed at regular time interval when the simulation is running and the clock reaches one of the time check intervals.
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User Scheduled
Specify Visual Logic sections to run at specific time points or on recurring schedules.

Create a new independent section of Visual Logic.

Last Edited
Opens the last section of Visual Logic that was edited in this session.

Go to Bookmark
Quickly jump to lines of Visual Logic you have marked.
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Stop on Next VL
Check this box to stop the simulation running when the next Visual Logic section is executed.

Disable All
Disable all breakpoints so they are ignored and Visual Logic will execute without pausing when they are hit.
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Clear All
Remove all Visual Logic break points.
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Speed Analysis
Identify your Visual Logic sections that are taking a long time to run.
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Trace Call Stack
Call stack lets you see the chain of Visual Logic sections executed to get to the current point where it has been stopped.

Work Items
View a list of all the work items currently in the simulation and their label values.
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Execution Log
Every executed line of Visual Logic is logged to a text file.
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