My Simulation Runs Too Slowly

If SIMUL8 has become very slow at the end of a simulation run or while resetting the clock this is because Windows has placed a large percentage of the data about the simulation run on disk because it ran out of RAM.

Here are some ideas for removing this delay:

  • Install some more RAM. Typically this completely removes the delay.
  • Reduce the number of Simulation Objects that save results information. How Typically most simulations only need to collect results on 10% of their objects - SIMUL8 defaults to collecting results on all objects.
  • Reduce the length of the Results Collection Period. This is only possible if your simulation is running from longer than is necessary for valid results to be collected.
  • Increase the Results Synchronization Interval. The default time interval is 5 time units. If your Results Collection Period is long (100's of times this) then you can probably increase this interval substantially and still obtain accurate results.