New to simulation?

Simulation allows you to experiment with digital models of real-world processes to make bold, risk-free, evidence-based decisions.

What is simulation?

Do you have an idea to improve business processes, or do you need to make an important decision, but don’t want to risk going ahead before you’re sure it will work?

That’s where simulation comes in.

Create simulations of any business process

From a production line to a hospital emergency department - and experiment with any element to see how it affects performance in the short and long term.


Simul8 allows you to make, quick confident decisions

Simul8 - the world’s most intuitive and effective simulation platform - allows you to make those decisions even faster.

Why Simulation?

Rapidly Simul8 any business process

From day-to-day questions to future strategy, you can use simulation to enhance decision making at every level and deliver huge impact.


Base decisions on truth, not hunches

Simulation allows you to make evidence-based decisions. You can rapidly experiment with all possible process changes to find the best path forward and avoid costly mistakes.


Increase efficiency, without increasing costs

Real-world process experimentation costs time and money. With simulation, you can test workflow enhancement ideas in a risk-free digital environment.


Plan for uncertainty, reduce risks

Simulation can run days, weeks, months and even years into the future - in seconds. This allows you to plan for and react to uncertainty with confidence - before it’s too late.


Explore big ‘what if’ questions

Don’t just plan for ‘best’ and ‘worst’ cases. With simulation, you can stress test business decisions for any scenario so you’re fully prepared.


Determine the impact of random events

From breakdowns to staff absence, only simulation can mimic the randomness that occurs in real-world systems, unlike tools like spreadsheets.


Win stakeholder buy-in for your ideas

Simulation is more visual and engaging than spreadsheets and charts. Simulation is a great way to convincingly demonstrate the impact of your ideas to stakeholders.

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