Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance allows you to define planned maintenance events on any activity, with the maintenance period referencing Simul8's Calendar feature. This means that you can easily swap and refine maintenance plans, allowing you to run many What-If scenarios in short amounts of time to help you minimize flow reduction and maximize up-time.

Unlike breakdowns, Scheduled Maintenance does not happen randomly, as it is designed to occur exactly when you input the start and end times of the maintenance period.

The Scheduled Maintenance feature gives you full control over when the activity will be shut down for maintenance, how long it will be down for, how frequently the maintenance occurs (using a repeat value), and whether or not a resource is required to perform the maintenance.

It runs in combination with existing features for simulating breakdowns, resource shortages, and changeovers.

Step By Step to set up Scheduled Maintenance

Enabling the Calendar

  1. First enable the Calendar via the Data and Rules Tab
  2. The calendar must be used so that you can enter the Start / End of the Scheduled Maintenance in MM/DD/YYYY (or DD/MM/YYYY)* HH:MM format
  3. Open Scheduled Maintenance from the Data and Rules Tab

Note: the Calendar will format itself to whatever localization settings your PC is set to.

Setting Up Scheduled Maintenance

Once you have completed the steps above to set up the simulation's calendar, you are ready to input the maintenance schedule.

  1. Open Scheduled Maintenance from the Data and Rules Tab
  2. Fill out your information in the Scheduled Maintenance dialog

In the example above, Activity 1 will go down for maintenance at 10:30 AM on 06/03/2015. Maintenance will end on 06/03/2015 at 11:00 AM. This repeat value indicates that every 5 days from the start of the maintenance, the maintenance will occur. There is no resource required to perform the scheduled maintenance in the example image above.

Understanding the Scheduled Maintenance Interface

Simulation Object – The activity or resource that will be scheduled to shut down for maintenance

Start – Beginning time of maintenance

End – End time of maintenance

Repeat – Time to repeat (in current simulation time units)

Resource – Resource to be used to perform the maintenance

Visual Logic On Maintenance Start - Once the scheduled maintenance Start interval is triggered in the simulation, this Visual Logic will be called

Visual Logic On Maintenance End - Once the scheduled maintenance End interval is triggered in the simulation, this Visual Logic will be called

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