Speed Analysis

The Speed Analysis tool allows you to identify the parts of your Visual Logic that are taking a long time to run. This makes it quick to find ways to improve the speed of very complex simulations.

Display the Speed Analysis using the speed analysis button on the Visual Logic tab.

To run a speed analysis, check the box to 'Analyze Speed', close the dialog, reset and run the simulation. The output can be viewed by opening the analysis again.

The display contains three columns of information: the percentage of total Visual Logic time that each section of code used, the number of times the section was called and the name of the section of code.

Call Stack Tracking can be switched on/off through the Track call stack checkbox.

Switching on the Call Stack tracking aids Visual Logic debugging by recording the stack of Visual Logic sections entered as code is executed. Enable the call stack on the Visual Logic tab.

Alternatively, switching off the Call Stack tracking maximizes simulation run speed.