The paddle helps you to quickly build a simulation.

To access the paddle simply drag a StartPoint, Queue or Activity onto the screen. Providing the paddle is enabled you will notice four blue triangles around the item you placed on screen. Clicking on an arrow will open the paddle in that direction, inside the paddle icons.

Clicking an icon will add a new item (Start Point, Queue or Activity – depending on the icon you click) in the direction you have selected. By default items will be linked together and the paddle will jump to the newly added item.

Paddle Options

Certain behavior of this feature can be modified from the simulation windows right click menu.

Paddle Options

On: Allows the paddle to be turned off and on.

Link Items: This setting determines whether new items will be linked the parent (paddle) item using routing arrows. If switched off, imagine the step 3 of the above image with no arrow linking the two items.

Open New Items Paddle: This setting determines if the paddle will jump to the newly added item, illustrated in the above image. When switched off the paddle will remain open on the original item.

Holding the CTRL key while clicking will toggle your current ‘Open New Items Paddle’ setting, this allows you to quickly change new item creation modes without the need of going into a menu.