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Enabling manufacturers to analyze, test and implement process changes to rapidly increase throughput, efficiency and profitability - without increasing overheads.

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Thyssenkrupp AG

Over half the world’s top manufacturers trust Simul8 for risk-free, continuous process improvement

"Simul8 is fast and easy to learn. It’s quick to use which makes it an ideal tool for getting the results we need to make fast but thorough decisions."
Steve Lin
Throughput and Simulation Specialist, Chrysler

Chrysler increases revenue by $1,000,000 per day without increasing costs.

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Case Studies

Learn how Simul8 has been used by leading manufacturers to radically improve efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce costs


Controlant uses simulation to triple production of data loggers to monitor global Covid19 vaccine distribution.


Plexus guaranteed production capacity, identified optimum staffing levels, and saved $5,000 in equipment costs in just a few days.


HP saved $100,000 annually and achieved productivity gains by determining the most effective set-up for their process.


FUJIFILM identifies large-scale process changes using Simul8 to increase throughput by 400% - without increasing costs.


FMC Technologies used Simul8 to remove bottlenecks and increase manufacturing throughput by 50% - saving millions in the process.


Simul8 helped General Motors reconfigure maintenance rules to increase throughput by 5% without increasing costs.

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