Out of Memory

If you see the error below:

It means there is not enough free memory for Simul8 to continue to run. Usually this is caused because you're storing more information than required during your simulation run. Most commonly its because your Results Synchronization Interval is too small, so you are probably collecting more results than necessary.

The Results Synchronization Interval can be changed in the Results section of the Preference menu (File > Preference > Results).

When your cursor hovers over the window, Simul8 will suggest a suitable interval for the simulation’s size. Note that in particular when collecting results only at the end of simulation run, this value can be set high (in relation to the overall Results Collection Period). Only if you're use on-screen graphs, that update at the simulation runs will you want to set the value small so that the graphs are updating frequently.

You can also switch off the results collection of individual objects completely saving more memory. This is useful to do for dummy activities and other objects where their results are not being investigated.

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