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Make confident policy decisions fit for the future, improve program outcomes and deliver services more efficiently to the public.

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Simul8 enables government bodies to make fact-based policy decisions, reduce costs, and deliver more efficient public services.


See the impact of policies in minutes, not years.

Understand the impact of policies by running simulations 2, 10 or 100 years into the future in a matter of minutes. Get the confidence to make the right decisions before implementing changes- instead of when it’s too late to change their outcome.


Create and test emergency response plans, risk-free.

In today’s uncertain world, it’s never been more important to be able to quickly develop and test contingency plans for scenarios that will have a huge impact on public services. With Simul8, you can develop and thoroughly test these plans in a safe, risk-free environment.


Deliver the best services at optimum cost.

Before changing or implementing policies, you’ll need to know how to be able to deliver services at the right cost, with the right resources. With Simul8, you can generate an accurate breakdown of the costs, resources and workforce needed to deliver the best services.


Drive digital transformation, faster.

Get the insight needed to radically transform the digital efficiency of every aspect of your organization. Plan and implement successful projects in less time by identifying the impact and costs of digitizing and automating processes and engaging stakeholders from across the organization.

virginia DMV
"Simul8 offers a unique solution to simultaneously consider multiple factors and estimate all future customer wait times. As a result, our capacity has improved to plan around trends and future initiatives"
Carrie Thompson
Senior Policy Analyst, Virginia Department Of Motor Vehicles

The Virginia DMV used Simul8 to reduce average customer waiting times to 20 minutes.

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Case Studies

Find out how these public organizations used Simul8 to improve operations


The National Center for Food Protection and Defense used Simul8 to plan the public health system's response in the event of a terrorist attack on the US food supply chain.

Denver Police Department

Denver Police Department identified whether investment in additional equipment or staffing would improve lab turnaround times.

New Zealand Inland Revenue

The New Zealand Inland Revenue used Simul8 to build an operational tool to efficiently plan more than 2,000 staff and test proposed skills changes.

Applied Research Services

Applied Research Services Inc identifies the impact of prison policy and budgetary changes and saves $250 million of taxpayer money.

Louisiana Department of Health

Louisiana Department of Health simulated post-storm patient air evacuations to hospitals in neighboring states, improving planning and saving 80+ hours of work.

Virginia DMV

Virginia DMV identified a staffing model to reduce customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across 74 customer service centres.

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