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Simul8 Academy

Learn the essentials of Simul8 at your own pace online with interactive, video-based training modules delivered by our team of consultants.

Benefits of Simul8 Academy

Delivered by our consultants, Academy online training is a fun, effective way to learn the essentials of Simul8.


Up-skill anytime, anywhere

Learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere - from the fundamentals of creating your first simulation to analyzing and exporting your results.


Interactive and video-based modules

No dry training manuals - with video-based modules and interactive quizzes delivered by our own consultants, you’ll quickly be able to build high-impact simulations.


Track your progress

You can dive into any of the modules at any time and track your progress, allowing you to focus learning on the areas you need to.

What does Simul8 Academy cover?

Academy is a fast, effective way to learn the fundamentals of Simul8. In each model, you'll cover:

  • SVG

    Introduction to Simul8's building blocks basics

  • SVG

    Setting arrivals

  • SVG

    Routing Work Items

  • SVG

    Getting results

  • SVG

    Constraining your simulation

  • SVG

    Batching and collecting

  • SVG

    Distributions – variability in simulation

  • SVG

    Labels – Work Item characteristics


$ 1495 per user

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"At Simul8, we’re all about ensuring your success with simulation. Academy has been designed to quickly help you learn the essentials of Simul8 so you can really hit the ground running."
Tom, Head of Customer Success

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