High Volume

A High Volume Activity (check the high volume box in the Activity dialog) is particularly useful for BPR and FMCG type applications. In these cases very high volumes of work may be processed at Activities and it may not be necessary to individually distinguish between every piece of work a Activity does. For example, documents being processed by a Activity may each be different but a “data entry” Activity does not need to simulate them differently. This contrasts with lower volume applications where every piece of work may be very different (e.g. patients in a hospital where every patient has different labels and is treated differently depending on these labels. In high volume Activities work also tends to be done in batches.

High volume Activities make use of the Quantity Label. Every Work Item type that goes through a high volume Activity must have the quantity label attached to it.

High volume mode lets Simul8 process large numbers of transactions very quickly in batches while still retaining the ability to consider work individually (in terms of timing etc). The timing information you place in an Activity dialog box for a high volume Activity is the time it will take to work on one unit of work in the batch. For example if the timing panel in the Activity dialog says FIXED 10 and the Quantity label for a Work Item is set to 20 then it will take 200 minutes to process the Work Item. If the timing panel specifies a distribution then Simul8 will automatically adjust that distribution to one that is appropriate for the batch of work.

If you use batching out (from the routing out dialog) a high volume Activity will split the quantity label across the newly generated Work Items. (More). You can ask batching out to use the batch size as the new value for the quantity label. In that case it will automatically generate sufficient Work Items to use up all of the quantity in the Work Item that was in the Activity.

If you use the percent routing out rule at a high volume Activity then the Work Item (batch) is automatically split into as many Work Items as there are routes leaving the Activity and the quantity label is changed to be as close as possible to the percentages specified.

Remember you do not need to use high volume mode at every Activity that processes Work Items that are actually batch of work.

High Volume is intended for simulating a high volume of discrete items, not liquids or items that may be divided into fractions. The very fast and powerful Tanks and Pipes are intended for that functionality.