Arrival Times from CSV File

This feature reads from a csv file the exact times Work Items should be generated at a Start Point. It can also assign label values to the Work Items.

Check the 'File' option on the Start Point dialog and then select the file to use.

This feature requires the csv file to be formatted in the following way:

  • Each row corresponds to a Work Item
  • data must start on the 3rd row. The first cell in row 1 and 2 must be populated - row 1 could contain the simulation name and row 2 the column headings
  • the time the Work Item enters the simulation must be in the 2nd column
  • label values (if required) are contained in columns 3 and onwards. Row 2 must contain the label title exactly as defined in SIMUL8.

The csv file must be closed before running the simulation.

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