Minitab Export

All Simul8 results can be exported to Minitab on End Run or End Trial.

Simul8 will export all of the results on the KPI Summary to a Minitab Sheet. It will do this every Run or Trial (depending on selection) recording all experiments that you have conducted in the simulation. It allows use of any of Minitab's features to analyze the impact of decision variables on outcomes (for example using Analysis of variance and other features), or use the data to drive Minitab's DOE features.

Access this through Results Export button from the Home tab.

Simul8 puts the results data into Minitab's currently top most project sheet - so Minitab should be opened and a project opened (or a new project created). This allows MiniTab to build up a row of data for every Trial (or Run) you do. Once you have a statistically reasonable number of rows MiniTab's features (for example the regression feature) can be used to automatically determine the relationship between the decision variables and the results. For example it might determine the relationship between the number of people employed and the lengths of queues in a call center.

The link between Simul8 and MiniTab is particularly important in Six-Sigma studies.

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