Shortcut Keys


CTRL+ALT+W - watch window
CTRL+F2 - cancel debugging and edit this logic
CTRL+F8 - run to selected line in visual logic
CTRL+M - monitor simulation
F8 - step into in visual logic
F9 - stop (debug) at current line at visual logic
CTRL+ALT+F9 - clear all stop (debug) points in visual logic
SHIFT+CTRL+F8 - step out of this section in visual logic


CTRL+ “GRAPHIC ITEMS2 - move 1 or more graphic items simultaneously
CTRL+“VIEW NUMBER” - select view option
CTRL+SHIFT+“MOUSE WHEEL” - scroll simulation window up and down,left and right
SHIFT+CTRL+P - presentation mode

File Options

ALT+TAB - go to excel from Simul8 or from an excel file to simul8
CTRL+O - open file
CTRL+S - save file
F12 - save as
CTRL+ALT+U - switch On/off “undo” option
F1 - help index


CTRL+ALT+I - images
CTRL+ALT+L - labels
CTRL+D - distributions
CTRL+I - information store
SHIFT+CTRL+G - groups
SHIFT+CTRL+L - links
CTRL+ALT+D - Custom dialogs


ALT+F8 - through the tools menu, select macro by using this shortcut to start recording
ALT+F9 - play macro
SHIFT+CTRL+END+DEL - it can be used to replace all “simul8 library” macro section. go to its tab and by using the shortcut you delete all lines


CTRL+“OBJECT” - copy an object to the place where released
CTRL+A - select all
CTRL+C - copy
CTRL+V - paste
SHIFT+F11 - simul8 explorer
CTRL+SHIFT+“CANCEL” OPTION - open component dialog
SHIFT+“WHEEL MOUSE” - drag the mouse with the shift pressed between the source and the destination Work Center to remove a work arrow
CTRL+J - jobs matrix
CTRL+K - cycle matrix
F11 - quickview

Simulation Run

CTRL+ “TRIALS” BUTTON - set trial options first
CTRL+B - back 1 minute
CTRL+F8 - step clock
CTRL+F9 - run the clock
CTRL+G - go to a specific simulation time
CTRL+H - forward 1 minute

Visual Logic

ALT+C - copies the whole line
ALT+D - disable current line
ALT+D - disables the current line
ALT+RETURN - inserts a new line after the current line
ALT+V - pastes the whole line
ALT+X - cuts the whole line
ALT+ENTER - insert line before current line
ALT+BACKSPACE - on a blank line moves the line up a branch
CTRL+<number> - go to book mark
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S - switch Call Stack Tracking on
CTRL+ALT+W - open Watch Window
CTRL+B - back
CTRL+C - copy selected text (or whole line if no text is selected)
CTRL+D - delete current line
CTRL+Del - delete Block
CTRL+F - find
CTRL+F9 - opens spreadsheet is cursor is on a spreadsheet name
CTRL+H - forward
CTRL+I - open Information Store
CTRL+L - open Visual Logic List
CTRL+SHIFT+<number> - set book mark
CTRL+V - paste selected text
CTRL+X - cut selected text
CTRL-END -go to bottom line
CTRL-HOME - go to top line ESC - closes the Visual Logic Editor
F2 - or double left click on a line to open the Visual Logic Builder Command Editor
F3 - find next
F5 - run
F8 - step Into
RETURN - completes editing of the line for validation: the text is changes to red if there is an error in the syntax
RETURN - move to next line
SHIFT+F8 - step Over
SHIFT+F3 - find backwards from current line within this block
TAB - selects command or object from drop-down list
BACKSPACE - deletes line if blank