Components and Visual Logic

Components that contain Visual Logic can use a special reserved prefix for Global Data Item names.

If a component contains Labels or Visual Logic code certain elements may be “Private” and for use in the Component only, other items may be “Public”, and used elsewhere in the simulation.

By default Distribution names, Labels, and Global Data Items are considered to be Public, and are not renamed when a Component is created.
On occasions this will not be desirable. To allow Distributions names, Labels, and Global Data Items to be Private the text Private_ should be added to the name.

This means that Label1 will be used each time a component is created or copied, and Private_Label1 will be renamed Private_Label2 if the component is copied or used twice in the same simulation.

This structure allows separate Distributions to be used in otherwise identical components, Labels to be used to identify the instance of a component that an item came form, and Global Data Items used to collect separate results for copies of otherwise identical components.

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