Batching by type

This method of routing in to an Activity tells the Activity to only accept Work Items that have a certain value in one of their labels.

Select a label, for example a label that describes the “type” of work. Specify a fixed label value. This will direct the Activity to only route in Work Items that have that specific value on the label. For example, if you have 4 types of work (i.e. 4 label values on your label) and you select 1 as the fixed label value, then the Activity will only accept type 1 work.

When the Activity cannot find any more of this type of work (in any of the objects that feed it) then it will automatically look for a new type. When searching for a Work Item of the same type the Activity will look anywhere in the queues that feed it (not just at the head of the queue).

Alternatively, the fixed label value can be set through Visual Logic. This is a property of an Activity and is therefore set using a SET function.

Negative and zero values are not allowed (they will cause any product to be accepted next).

Routing In Use Batch By Type Option Dialog Example

Note: This feature can not be used in conjunction with the Batch by Condition feature.

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