Simul8 Finance Features

Overview of how Simul8 Financial Features Work.

Simul8 lets you allocate costs and revenues to objects and activities in the simulation model. As the simulation runs Simul8 uses all this information to accumulate data on the flows of money generated by the activities taking place and the resources being used.

This accumulated information is then displayed in summary form in the Income Statement that is seen by clicking the button on the Home tab.

You can then drill-down through this summary information to look at where the particular elements of the summary came from. This changes the Income Statement into a detailed cost/revenue analysis.

Information from the Income Statement can be added to the Simul8 KPI Summary window so that Trials analysis can be performed to give you statistical confidence limits on the financial information.

If you have costs or revenues that are not directly related to the objects in your simulation enter them using the Overheads / Other Revenue feature.