Simul8 Object Explorer

The Simul8 Object Explorer is a fast way to locate objects.

Open the Object Explorer from the View tab or use SHIFT F11.

Every object in the simulation will be shown. Each object is grouped with quick references to the objects that are connected to it as well as Visual Logic blocks that contain code, Labels and Information Store items that are reference by the object.

The Object Explorer can also be sorted by name or type, filtered to only show selected object types and the branches can be expanded and collapsed.

If any objects are located in Sub-Windows then they are grouped together under the name of the Sub-Window.

The Object Explorer can be used to add new objects to a Component by dragging and dropping the object into the component icon.

The Simul8 Object Explorer can be docked at the right-hand side of the Simulation Window. Click right to update the Object Explorer.

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