Detailed Options

Resource Requirements screenshot To specify that more than one of a particular Resource is required for a task at an Activity, use the Detail dialog.

In the Min box specify the minimum number required (this defaults to 1 and there is no need to use this dialog if you simply need one Resource of each type specified at the Activity). If it is possible to reduce the time taken to perform the task by using additional Resources then type the maximum number that can be used in the Max box.

The time take to perform the task will be automatically adjusted as follows.

Actual time = Time with Min Number * (Min Number/Actual Number of Resources Obtained).

Actual Number of Resources Obtained is always as many of the Resource type as Simul8 finds free at the time the job starts (subject to the number in the Max box).
Time with Min Number is the time sampled from the Activity's Timing box.

Resources can be released as a different "resource".

A Resource can be pulled from one job to go to a Higher Priority job. Tick the Interrupt Other Work if Necessary box and the Resource can be pulled to a higher priority job.

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