Custom Object Properties

Custom Object Properties are similar in functionality to labels. However, custom properties are attributes of objects rather than Work Items.

This feature allows any simulation object to hold information about that object in a similar way to labels do for Work Items.

Custom Properties can be accessed from the Visual Logic tab. When creating a new property, remember to check the boxes of each object it applies to.

Custom Object Properties are used in Visual Logic through the Create Custom Property and Attach Custom Property commands.

You can reference Custom Properties through Visual Logic in the same way as you can identify all the default object properties. The property should be referenced in the following way:

   Work Center 1.CustomProperty["Equipment Type"]

The line above will reference the Custom Property called Equipment Type.

The value of a Custom Property for an object can be viewed in the Watch Window.

In Simul8 2008 and higher the Custom Properties functionality has been expanded to allow users to view any Custom Properties through the Input Summary. The Custom Properties of the object can be viewed by selecting the object type (for example Storage Bins) and scrolling to the right of the properties table.

Custom Properties are only available in Simul8 Professional.