Simulation Key Concepts

A Simul8 simulation is made up of Objects in a structure. Work Items, the work to be done in the operation you are simulating, travel through the structure with objects controlling their flow.

The structure is represented on the screen by a number of objects and lines, Routing Arrows, joining these objects.

The simulation window is where you draw your simulation. Each icon represents an object in the simulation. To inspect and set the detailed parameters of any object just double click on it.

When you run your simulation, moving in the simulation window you will see the work items that are flowing around your simulation. The Clock shows you the simulation time as it runs.

The clock determines the working hours of your simulation and the results collection period tells the simulation how long to run for and collect results.

At the end of your simulation run you then have results that you can analyze to determine how well your process is operating.

After doing single runs to validate your simulation, then do a trial. This will run your simulation multiple times introducing different variability each time so you can verify your results are likely rather that just for a lucky or bad day.