Results By Work Type / Group

Results by Work Type gives Waiting and Working time results summarized across work types (if defined) and groups (if defined).

It reports: Average, Minimum and Maximum for both Working time and Waiting time across the entire simulation (and optionally across each Group of simulation objects).

Turning on Results By Work Type

From the home tab select the Results Manager menu, By Work Type option and select Analyze During Runs then run the simulation. The Review option in the Results menu, By Work Type option is now available and will display statistics for each Work Type and summary statistics for all work types.

Work Item Type

The report can also be broken down by Work Type. Work Type is a special label that tells Simul8 there are different kinds of work types in your simulation. Create a label called “Work Type” and set it to values (typically in a Work Entry Point) to have the report add an extra row for each value of Work Type.

If the Work Type Label is not set then only summary statistics will be displayed. That is the report section headed “ALL”. It is complied from all work items that exit the simulation through Work Exit Points. Where multiple work types appear, this is the value of “Work Type” as the work leaves the simulation.


Results By Type can show results for items while they are inside a Group.

In the Groups dialog select the Monitor Work/Wait time option. The Group will appear as a separate section in the Results By Type table.

The report section for each Group is also complied as the work items leave the simulation except for cases where the value of the Work Type label is changed during the progress of the work item through the simulation. When Work Type is changed, accumulate wait and work type is saved for each group where the work item has spent time. This way the Work Type label can be changed to represent work changing conditions and the results (for the old value of Work Type) still reflect the time that the previous values existed in the simulation.

If only 1 work item travels through the simulation and part way through a group the value of Work Type changes from 1 to 2, then the results for the group will actually show two lines, as if there had been two items of work, each line representing the time that the work existed as “Type 1” and then “Type 2”. The bottom row of the Group section of the report shows the weighted average across all the work types that used the group. The last column of the last row of the group report is the total of all work items and types that used the group.

Note that Actions changes label values before work times have been assessed at a Work Center. So a change of “type” in label actions allocates the Work Center’s work time to the new work type.

Work Type 0 (zero)

This has special significance. It will not appear in the Results By Type table (because it is the same as the Work Type label not existing) and changes from 0 to any other values will leave accumulated time intact so that the times will be allocated to the new work type. Changing the value to zero clears all accumulated wait/work time values for the work item to zero.

This can be useful for initializing the data for a new purpose when the work type label has been used for other purposes elsewhere (for example in the Jobs Matrix) or when the Work Type label will not be set until some time after the work item has been created (work type is initialized to 1 when a work item is created, so set it to zero then to the real value you want to use if you don’t initially set it at the work entry point).

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