Editor Options and Shortcuts

The Visual Logic Editor Options are accessed through the right-click menu in the Visual Logic editor window.

The user can check/uncheck the “Allow line move dragging without ALT”. When checked the user can drag lines of Visual Logic to move them to another place within the same Visual Logic editor window without holding down the ALT button.

The user can also select to open the Free Edit Mode editor as the default by checking the option “Open in 'Free edit mode' by default”. Once this is selected this will hold for every simulation opened.

The Visual Logic Editor color scheme can be changed by accessing the Edit Options\Customize Visual Logic Syntax Highlighting from the sub-menu.

There are a number of useful shortcuts that operate within the Visual Logic editor window:

  • ALT+C copies the whole line
  • ALT+D disable current line
  • ALT+V pastes the whole line
  • ALT+X cuts the whole line
  • ENTER insert line after current line
  • ALT+BACKSPACE on a blank line moves the line up a branch
  • CTRL+<number> Go to bookmark
  • CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S switch Call Stack Tracking on
  • CTRL+ALT+W open Watch Window
  • CTRL+B Back to the last Visual Logic section viewed
  • CTRL+C Copy highlighted text (or whole line if no text is highlighted
  • CTRL+D Delete current line
  • CTRL+Del Delete Block
  • CTRL+F Find
  • CTRL+F2 Cancel debugging and edit this logic
  • CTRL+F8 Run to this line
  • CTRL+F9 opens spreadsheet if cursor is on a spreadsheet name
  • CTRL+H Forward (Visual Logic section tabs)
  • CTRL+I Open Information Store
  • CTRL+L Open Visual Logic List
  • CTRL+SHIFT+<number> Set book mark
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Step out of this section
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Clear all Stop (Debug) Points
  • CTRL+V Paste selected text
  • CTRL+X Cut selected text
  • CTRL+END go to bottom line
  • CTRL+HOME go to top line
  • ESC closes the Visual Logic Editor
  • F2 or double left click on a line to open the Visual Logic Builder Command Editor
  • F3 Find next
  • F5 Run
  • F8 Step Into
  • F9 add Stop (Debug) point to current line
  • Insert or right-click to open the sub-menu of commands (Right-click option in Professional only)
  • RETURN completes editing of the line for validation: the text is changes to red if there is an error in the syntax
  • RETURN move to next line
  • SHIFT+F8 Step Over
  • BACKSPACE deletes line if blank
  • TAB selects command or object from drop-down list (Professional Only)
  • Stop (Debug) points can be added & removed by right-clicking on the grey circle to the left of the line

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