Set Resource Individuality Options

Sets options for remembering and reusing individual resource team members.


  • Activity - Activity/Activity where resource is used
  • Resource - Resource name
  • Mode - Is this Activity remembering (the first to use) the resource, or is it using a previously remembered resource. The options for mode are Remember or Use Remembered.
  • Label - Label to store the individual resource information


VL SECTION: proc_Set_Resource_Individuality
Set Resource Individuality Options Activity 1 , Resource 1 , Remember , lbl_ResourceUsed
Set Resource Individuality Options Activity 2 , Resource 1 , Use Remembered , lbl_ResourceUsed

Referring to the example Visual Logic and image above, Activity 1 will Remember the resource that was used on the work item, and it will set Activity 2 to use the Remembered resource.

This command is only available with SIMUL8 Professional.

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