Display Plus Text Mode

Sets up the formatting options for how the next Display Text generated by Display+ will be displayed.


  • Horizontal Justify - Left/Right/Center (L/R/C)
  • Vertical Justify - Top/Bottom/Center
  • Text Direction - H = Horizontal, U = Up, D = Down, I = Inverted or supply a number to rotate by exact number of degrees
  • Text Background Transparency - Opaque or Transparent (O/T)
  • Font Size - The font point size
  • Font Name - The font name, e.g. Times Roman
  • Font Style - B and/or I and/or U and/or S for bold/italic/underline/strikeout
  • Font Color - Windows RGB Color code (see color palette for codes. e.g. “#FF0000” for red)


Leave any text parameters blank for the default value to be used and any number parameters set to zero to use default.

If you wish to use the Text Direction parameter you must also populate the Font Name parameter.

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