Income Statement

Display the Profit and Loss Statement Window by clicking the profit and loss button on the Home Tab.

If you do this before you have run the simulation then the only data you will see will be that caused by capital costs and fixed (overhead) costs and revenues.

Once the simulation has run the Income Statement will display a report that shows the total bottom line impact of all elements of the simulation running together.

If you change an aspect of the simulation and re-run it. You will see the new bottom line (so you can directly see the total financial impact of the change you have tested).

The Income Statement opened at summary level:

Double click on an item to drill-down to see more information:

Click RIGHT on an item to copy it to the KPI Summary for use in Trials.

To Print a statement of the profit and loss click the print button .

To copy the information on the profit and loss statement to the windows clipboard (so you can paste it into any other windows application) then click the COPY button .

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