Eliminating the 8 Wastes of Lean with Simulation Infographic

Eliminating the '8 Wastes of Lean' with Simulation Software


There are eight common types of waste, but did you know that simulation software like SIMUL8 can help you to discover and eliminate these in your organization?

Together, simulation and lean principles provide a framework to quickly test process improvements and pinpoint approaches that will effectively reduce waste.

Used by organizations worldwide to drive efficiency and reduce costs

SIMUL8 users worldwide rely on our software to improve processes, reduce waste and engage stakeholders.

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What are the benefits of using simulation?

With simulation, you will shorten the time to project completion, strengthen stakeholder buy-in, and guarantee the impact of proposed changes even before you pilot.

Utilize employee Knowledge

Utilize employee knowledge

Benefit from employee knowledge across the business and strengthen stakeholder buy-in

Risk-Free Experimentation

Risk-free experimentation

Perform risk-free experimentation to understand impact of changes on performance

Shorten Project Time

Shorten project time

Shorten time to project completion through rapid simulation modeling and results

Implementing lean with simulation

Simulation software provides the ability to quickly experiment with different process improvement options, pinpointing the approaches that will most effectively reduce waste and add value to the customer.

Introducing a lean approach can have an immediate impact on efficiency, productivity and profit.

Get implementation right first time

SIMUL8 can accurately show how a process will behave, both before and after implementing a lean manufacturing approach.

By experimenting with alternatives risk-free in a simulation first you can be sure to choose the best option and get lean implementation right-first-time

Visual and interactive

SIMUL8 provides a visual, interactive and easy to understand representation of your process.

Whether your simulation is showing a large queue building-up, or a series of activities grinding to a halt, nothing is more effective at communicating these types of issues than letting stakeholders see this happening for themselves.

Assessing return on investment

Simulation allows you to take into account factors such as the expense of capital equipment, individual staffing rates or the return generated per work item.

You can then generate an accurate breakdown of the costs and revenue potential of any given scenario.

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"SIMUL8 gave us a technical way of understanding capacity, identifying bottlenecks and changing data to achieve new capacities, new goals and new logics."

Ricardo Fernandes, GPS Lead and Planning Specialist, FMC Technologies

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