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Simulation can be used in any industry to improve processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Take a look at our videos, example simulations and whitepapers and find out more about how your organization can benefit from simulation.

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Why use simulation software?

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Eliminating the '8 Wastes of Lean'

There are 8 common types of waste, but did you know that SIMUL8 can help discover and eliminate these in your organization?

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  Example simulation

Optimizing an Automotive Body Shop Facility

Optimize output by experimenting with the number of vehicle pallets in this example simulation of an automotive body shop.

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SIMUL8 video resources

Watch videos to see SIMUL8 in action and learn how simulation can be used to improve efficiency in your organization.

Using Simulation Software to Optimize Call Center Staffing and Performance

In this webinar, you'll learn how simulation software enables contact centers to make risk-free process and resourcing changes to improve service levels and call flow, whilst maximizing staff utilization and profitability.

Launch & Grow a Successful Simulation Program

Hear about Memorial Health System's five step approach to developing stakeholder buy-in, building the necessary training infrastructure, and getting exposure with strategically selected projects.

Automotive Manufacturing Simulation Guide

In this webinar, automotive simulation expert Brian Harrington explains why simulation tools like SIMUL8 are used throughout the entire life cycle of assembly facilities; from designing processes, to operational decisions and continuously improving performance.

Simulation vs Spreadsheets for Process Modeling

Watch the video and find out why organizations use simulation software instead of spreadsheets to help communicate changes effectively and encourage stakeholder buy-in.

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The Complete Guide to SIMUL8 Success webinar series

SIMUL8 Consultant, Max Guild, guides you through the features of SIMUL8 to show you how quickly you can achieve success with simulation.

Whether you're thinking about using SIMUL8 for the first time or you're looking to improve your simulation knowledge, this webinar series will give you a practical overview of the software.

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Example simulations


Job Shop Simulation

Maximize throughput in a multi-product manufacturing Job Shop by optimizing staffing priorities.

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Emergency Department Simulation

Minimize patient wait times and improve patient flow within the ED by experimenting with different parameters.

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Is your contact center capable?

Discover how simulation is used to design efficient multi-channel contact centers that meet common performance metrics.

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What is the quickest way to board an airplane?

Download the simulation and discover which boarding method is most effective way for passengers to board a plane.

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Do self checkouts reduce queue time?

Find out how simulation can be used to identify a need for manual lanes or self checkouts.

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SIMUL8 customer success stories


Meeting increased demand without additional costs

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler met increased demand and grew revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant, without increasing costs.

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Memorial Health System

Ensuring the feasibility of investment and expansion

Memorial Health System ensured the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project by using simulation to optimize capacity, system design, and patient flow.

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Using simulation to reduce customer wait times

Virginia DMV identified a more efficient staffing model, capable of reducing average customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across all 74 customer service centers.

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Simulation whitepapers

5 Ways Simulation Can Drive your Lean Projects

From initial buy-in to assessing your return on investment, this whitepaper explains how simulation can become a catalyst for your lean process improvement projects.

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Why use Simulation over Spreadsheets?

Learn more about how simulation can enhance the accuracy of your analysis, build stakeholder engagement and improve decision making across your organization.

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The Balancing Act: An Example of Line Balancing

This whitepaper outlines the key steps every industrial engineer should take when considering line balancing and how simulation can take your analysis to the next level.

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Executive Guide to Simulation in Health

Read our Executive Guide to Simulation in Health and learn how SIMUL8 simulation software is being used to improve processes and enhance patient care.

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How to Factor Downtime into your Simulation

Simulation expert Brian Harrington explains the key learning points simulation modelers should consider when working with downtime.

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Successful Simulations Using Six Sigma Methodologies

Learn about the success of having simulation engineers trained with Six Sigma methodologies to lead the team and reduce time to reach answers.

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More than a cycle?

What are the key considerations when designing a manufacturing facility and the cycle times of tasks and operations?

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Online help and support

If you have any technical issues or queries, we also have a wide range of online support resources available. Visit the SIMUL8 Support Portal and get access to the SIMUL8 Knowledge Base, in-depth feature guides and FAQs.

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