Simulation Software for Manufacturing Process Improvement

From assembly to distribution, the world's top manufacturing organizations use SIMUL8 to rapidly analyze, test and implement process changes that improve efficiency and profitability.

Simulation empowers manufacturers to design effective plants and processes, eliminate bottlenecks and waste, optimize resources and increase throughput to meet demand.

The manufacturing process simulation software of choice

SIMUL8 is used by over half of the world's top 100 manufacturing organizations, including Toyota, Samsung Electronics, Ford, The Coca-Cola Company, ArcelorMittal, GlaxoSmithKline and Airbus.

Samsung Electronics
General Electic

Procter & Gamble

See why manufacturers use SIMUL8

Case study


Meeting demand without increasing costs

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler improved throughput by 39 units and increased revenue by $1,000,000 per day using SIMUL8.

"SIMUL8 is fast and easy to learn. It’s quick to use which makes it an ideal tool for getting the results we need to make fast but thorough decisions."

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Case study


Eliminating manufacturing bottlenecks

To meet a sharp increase in market demand, FMC Technologies utilized SIMUL8 to find and remove bottlenecks, increasing production throughput by 50%.

"If we hadn’t used SIMUL8 and couldn't measure capacity; that would mean not being able to deliver on time and therefore erode profit."

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Drive manufacturing process improvement with simulation

SIMUL8 offers a powerful, visual approach for mapping existing or proposed manufacturing processes.

By testing process changes in a virtual, risk-free environment, you can assess the impact on ROI, throughput, resource requirements and utilization.

Implement lean manufacturing

Implement lean manufacturing

Experiment with lean techniques and build project buy-in.

Compare different solutions, develop long-term improvement strategies, road-test KPIs and assess ROI with simulation.

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Assess line balancing methods

Assess line balancing methods

Implement a well-balanced line that hits throughput consistently.

Identify system bottlenecks, optimum production schedules, and evaluate design and scheduling decisions.

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Six Sigma process improvement

Six Sigma process improvement

Use simulation to identify where defects occur in a process.

Systematically improve output quality through continuous process improvement and achieve as close to zero defects as possible.

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Maximize automotive assembly capability

Maximize automotive assembly capability

70% of the world's top automotive OEMs use SIMUL8 to transform manufacturing.

Rapidly build and run day-to-day 'what-if' scenarios for continuous improvement of flexible and mixed-model assembly lines.

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Make fast, informed decisions with SIMUL8's powerful features

Our simulation software enables manufacturers to make rapid, profitable process improvement decisions.

Build simulations quickly with intuitive features

SIMUL8 is powerful enough to model any manufacturing process, no matter the size or complexity.

Quickly create simulations with a user-friendly drag and drop interface and utilize Visual Logic coding language to customize any aspect of SIMUL8 to your exact needs.

Power simulations from existing data sources

Drive simulations that reflect the real-life variability that can affect your processes.

Utilize SIMUL8's built-in statistical distributions or connect your own manufacturing data from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++, to accurately evaluate the impact of process changes.

A wealth of results to improve performance

With the fastest simulation engine available, you can quickly get insight to make effective decisions.

SIMUL8 provides extensive results in a range of exportable formats, as well as the ability to customize reports to analyze the results most relevant to you or stakeholders.

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