A single data item: Label, Global Data Item, Simulation Object parameter etc

A value: An expression


Sets the single data item such as a global data item, or a particular label on the current Work Item or a property of a simulation objects (like the max size of a Storage Bin) to the value on the right hand side of the “=”. The value on the right hand side does not need to be explicitly defined - for example it can be an information store.

The Set command is most commonly used to access the Formula Editor.

Select any item in the Object list and you will see a list of its properties, each can be either queried (for example to gain access to a result) or set to a value.

The Information option allows access to system variables, like Simulation Time, and any Global Data items created in the Information Store.

The Math Function option allows standard operators to be applied to set values of Global Data Items or other values). Each option will generate a tip about its requirements and function.


Double click on a set line to open the Set Dialog Box.

This dialog lets you create / change a SET line In Visual Logic.

In the above case an item called “Route to Take” is being changed to have the value 2.

“Route to Take” might be a label or a “Global Data Item” from the Information Store or a label.

The left and right hand sides of SET lines can be edited directly in the above dialog or click on either the left or right hand side to enter the formula editor.

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