Buttons on Spreadsheets

To add a button to the spreadsheet that Simul8 users can click to perform operations use the Formula One Work Book Designer, click the button tool on the tool bar and drag the shape of the button on the spreadsheet.

Name the button (it must be named before it can be click and used). To name a button first select it. Once the button is selected click Objects / Name and type a name for the button (this does not have to be the same as the text displayed on the button).

Buttons start Visual Logic.

If a button is named then when you click the button Simul8 obeys the On Button Click Visual Logic. If you create a Simul8 Global Data Item of type Text named "Button" then Simul8 puts the name of the button (not the text displayed on the button) in to this global data item before it starts to obey the Visual Logic.

When the button is click the sheet is closed before the Visual Logic is obeyed. The sheet can be reopened with the Set Main Sheet and Display Main Sheet visual logic commands.

To change the text on the button first select the button then click Objects / Options.

To select a button: Before a button is named you can just click it to select it. After it is named, to rename it you need to select it using this method: click Object / Select All, then, if more than one object is selected click the individual button you want to select.

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