Queue Properties

Read and Write Only Properties

The Queue properties that are editable through the Visual Logic Set Value editor are:


Sets the image used for the Queue to any image located in the Graphics, Images menu option.


Set Queue1.Image = "BlueB": where BlueB exists as an image. 

Note the Inverted Commas around the name of the image.


Sets the Index number of the Queue to a value other than the default value.


Set Queue1.Index = 5

Initial Contents

Sets the Start Up contents of the Queue.


Set Queue1.Initial Contents = 10: places 10 items into the store at the start of each run.

Max Size

Sets the Capacity of the Queue. Set this value to -1 when the Queue has an infinite capacity.


Set Queue1.Max Size = 10: sets the capacity of the store to 10.

Min Wait Time

Sets the Minimum Wait Time property.


Set Queue1.Min Wait Time = 5: each item will wait 5 minutes before being released from the Queue.


Allows the name of the Queue to be changed or accessed.


Set Queue1.Name = "Change the Name": changes the name to whatever is inside the inverted commas.
Set Var1 = Queue1.Name: sets a text Global Data Item to contain the name of the Queue.

Shelf Life

Sets the Shelf Life of the Queue. Use this with an Expired Only Activity.


Set Queue1.Shelf Life = 5: sets the maximum amount of time each item can remain in the Queue. 


Sets whether the Queue is selected onscreen or not.

1 = Selected
0 = Not selected

 Set Queue1.Selected = 0

Results Collection Mode

Allows control over the collection of results for specific object through Visual Logic.

1 = Results Collection on
0 = Results Collection off


Set Queue 1.Results Collection Mode = 1

Travel and Contents

Returns the number of items currently in and on their way to the store. This include any item traveling on a transit link to the store and items currently in the store.


Set Var1 = Queue1.Travel and Contents.

Read Only Properties

Count Contents

Returns the number of Work Items currently located on the Queue.


Set Var1 = Queue1.Count Contents

In Count

Returns the number of incoming routes to the Queue.


Set Var1 = Queue1.In Count: Sets Var1 to the number routes that are connected to the Queue.

Out Count

Returns the number of Outgoing routes from the Queue.


Set Var1 = Queue.Out Count: Sets Var1 to the number routes that are connected from the Queue.

Unique ID

Gets Simul8's internal Unique Number that identifies every object - you can be sure it is different for all objects. It never changes once an object is in a simulation

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