Resource Properties

Read and Write Properties

The Resource properties that are editable through the Visual Logic Set Value Editor are:

Max Available

Sets the Maximum Number of Resources available to a number.


Set Resource1.Max Available = 5 


Sets the image used for the Resource to any image located in the Graphics, Images menu option.


Set Resource1.Image = "BlueB": where BlueB exists as an image. Note the Inverted Commas around the name of the image


Sets the Index number of the Resource to a value other than the default value. Index is a property available on all simulation objects. It is not used by Simul8 and can be used for any purpose by the simulation builder. A common use is the act as an index pointer into a row in a Simul8 spreadsheet where many further cells of data store information relevant to the simulation object.


Set Resource1.Index = 5


Allows the name of the Resource to be changed or accessed.

Example Set Resource1.Name = “Change the Name”: changes the name to whatever is inside the inverted commas

Set Var1 = Resource1.Name: sets a text Global Data Item to contain the name of the Resource

Results Collection Mode

The object property Results Collection Mode allows control over the collection of results for specific object through Visual Logic.

1 = Results Collection on
0 = Results Collection off


Set Resource 1.Results Collection Mode = 1


Sets whether the resource is selected onscreen or not.

1 = Selected
0 = Not selected

 Set Resource1.Selected = 0

Read Only Properties

Current Available

Returns the number of Resources not currently in use.


Set Var1 = Resource1.Current Available: this sets Var1 to contain the number of free Resources 

Unique ID

Gets Simul8's internal Unique Number that identifies every object - you can be sure it is different for all objects. It never changes once an object is in a simulation.

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