Simulation for Business Process Management

SIMUL8 Corporation and Microsoft Corporation have worked together to closely integrate VISIO and SIMUL8.

"SIMUL8 Corporation offers simulation power to our users. It's a powerful 'what if' animation and analysis tool, giving users the ability to see their business with a new perspective, all within a familiar Visio environment. We are pleased to be working with SIMUL8 to provide enhanced simulation and productivity tools to our customers."

Mike Gelon, Director, Solutions Marketing, VISIO Corporation

How Does it Work

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As both packages* support XML users of Visio and SIMUL8 can work with either package on one file. Develop any Visio flowchart and save it.

In SIMUL8 open the same file and add simulation data to it to turn your flowchart into a process simulation, then save it. Reopen it in Visio and make more changes to it, save it and go back to SIMUL8 - all the Visio and the earlier SIMUL8 changes are still there. One file, two packages - use the best package for the operation you are performing.

SIMUL8 can also import from other BPM applications.

Flowchart of XML file exchange

*Requires Visio 2002 Standard, Visio Professional is not required.

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The Benefits

  • Better control and understanding of resources
  • Higher quality and efficiency from capital assets
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction because of better business processes
  • See the impact of relocating equipment or adding resources BEFORE implementation
  • Do "what if" scenarios before investing time and money
  • Visually document your process in a way that really captures how it works

The Operations

As well as operations in Manufacturing, Call Center or Health Care many other business processes and service sector operations can also be simulated.

  • Check handling procedures
  • Coinage distribution
  • Store Resourcing
  • Packaging Systems
  • Warehouse and Material Handling Systems
  • Supply Chain Analysis

Performance Measures

  • Increase Throughput
  • Reduce Work-In-Progress
  • Improve labor & resource utilization
  • Reduce cycle-time

The Applications

  • Evaluate a new business process and virtually design a new business process
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Projects
  • Show business benefits of your product to a customer
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Balance Shift Capacity
  • Develop a training tool for your business process