Queue Dialog

Use this contextual menu to define detailed settings for how you want each Queue to operate.

To change the name of a Queue, type a new title in the Name box in this menu.

If the Queue has limited Capacity (for example it is a mechanical buffer), type the maximum number of items into the Capacity box.

If items should not stay in this Queue for more than a limited time, populate the Shelf Life box with the time limit (in simulation time units).

To make Work Items wait for at least a certain time in the Queue use the Min Wait Time field.

If you want the simulation run to start with items already in this Queue then click the START-UP button.

The Current Contents dialog lets you see the details of the Work Items that are currently in this Queue.

Normally Work Items join the back of a Queue and do not leave until they reach the front. Exceptions are:

  • Items whose shelf life has expired and are removed by an “expired only” Activity.
  • Items that do not join the back of the queue because they have been prioritized.

Some of the results information for Queues can be segregated by a Label to let you see how long different types of work spend in the Queue.

On the Queue’s Additional tab, you can find and adjust more of the Queue’s Properties. You can access all Properties of a Queue by double-clicking on it.

The Graphics tab lets you redefine how the Queue appears on the screen (including showing an animated Queue).

Queue Properties:

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