Resource Dialog

Use this contextual menu to define detailed settings for how you want each Resource to operate.

To change the name of a Resource, type a new title in the Name box in the General Section. You can set the available number of this Resource by changing the Number Available number in the Availability section.

If that number is based on Shifts, check “Shift Dependent” under the Number Available. Instead of setting the Number available directly through this contextual menu, a Shifts Availability dialog will appear for changing the available number of the Resources in each Shift you have created.

If this resource is a combination of other Resources, you can turn the Resource into a Resource Pool by checking Pooled Resource in the Pool section.

If required, the Resource can have Travel Time applied as it moves from Activity to Activity.

On the Resource's Additional tab, you can find and adjust more of the Resource’s Properties. You can access all Properties of a Resource by double-clicking on it, opening the dialog below.

The Graphics tab lets you define how the Resource appears on the screen (including its Traveling animation).

Resource Properties