Add Daily Recurring Event To Schedule

Add Daily Recurring Event to Schedule


  • Schedule name - Name of the schedule that the recurring event will be added
  • Start Time - The starting time of the recurring event
  • Duration - The duration of the recurring event in Simulation time units
  • Start Date Is Simulation Start Date - Does the recurring event start from the beginning of the simulation? Enter 1 for yes, 0 for no.
  • Start Date - Range of recurrence starting date. If 'Start Date Is Simulation Start Date' is true (1) then the value entered, then the value here will be ignored.
  • End Type - Range of recurrence ending date type. 1 is 'No end date', 2 is 'End after a given number of occurrences', 3 is 'End by a specified date'.
  • Occurrences - Range of recurrence, number of occurrences before the recurring event ends.
  • End By Date - Range of recurrence, specify an end by date for the recurring event. If end type is not 3 then the value entered here will be ignored.
  • Every Weekday - Does this recurring event occur every weekday? 1 for yes, 0 for no
  • Every Number of Days - How often in days the event occurs


This command is only available with Simul8 Professional.

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